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Welcome to Sockret Bakery!

Sockret Bakery was started to create delicious treats and desserts that can be enjoyed by all. We firmly believe in using high quality products and fresh local produce to create all of our desserts.

Sockret Bakery is run by Jasmin Diggins, a passionate pastry chef working in Melbourne who wanted to explore and create not only tasty but beautiful desserts that can be shared with all that are special to us.

You may be asking "Sockret? What kind of name is that?"

"Sockret" is Swedish for "The Sugar" meaning we are The Sugar Bakery. We have included some swedish into the business to honour our background and make it a little more special for us and yourselves. Because of this, you will always find cinnamon buns ("Kanelbullar") on our menu available with traditional pearl sugar or creamy creamcheese icing. Yum!